Currently, every single sofa ends up in landfill!

Unsustainable Materials

Plastic foams, polyester fabrics, hazardous fire-retardants, glues and staples make it impossible to recycle conventional sofas.

Lack of Adaptivity

The lack of options to adapt your sofa to your life stage results in the unnecessary early discard of sofas 

Inability to Repair, Wash and Transport

Modern customers require more flexibility, longevity and quality than the market is currently providing.

There is no waste in nature; it is human-made concept!

Linear Economy

The current linear economic model; purchase, consume, throw away and repeat.

Circular Economy

Products are made to close the loop; longevity, repair and recycling are enablers of the circular economy.

Designed Forlife

We are a young, innovative start-up who are passionate about bringing the circular economy into everyday life, through clever design.

We dream of a world where waste is a concept of the past

We dream of a world where waste is a concept of the past!


award-winning company is a trendsetter for circular economy businesses


Catalyst Award 2019


Wild Edge



Converge Kickstart Challenge 2019


Young Edge



Scottish Innovative Student Award



Made in Scotland Award

Young Innovator of the Year 2018

3rd Prize

Innovator Launchpad 2019


Scottish Resources Conference

Young People Award Best Innovation Award 2018

National Finalist

Climate Launchpad

Scotland 2018


Converge Challenge

Entrepreneurial Spirit 2018 

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