the first CIRCULAR ECONOMY sofa


The Sofa Forlife can be assembled and disassembled within 10 minutes using nothing but a screwdriver. Want to expand your sofa? Simply purchase and add another module e.g. 2-seater to 3-seater.


Environmentally aware? The Sofa Forlife is made from sustainable materials. 


Moving house? Not to worry. The Sofa Forlife can be disassembled with ease and fits in the boot of a Ford Fiesta.


Bringing the Circular Economy into the HOME


Replace the arm rests, legs and
cushion covers over time as
your taste or situation changes.
We will refurbish and resell your
old components and give you
a discount on your new ones.


Wear and tear over time is
inevitable. Send us a broken
component and we will
recycle it for you, ensuring the
maximum value is extracted
and closing the material loop.


We have carefully designed
the sofa to ensure that it
can be broken down into its
material components and
recycled at the end of its life.

Change the colour

We currently have four fabrics to choose from. A change in colour is just a few clicks away.

Change the size

Armchair, 2-seater, 3-seater, L-shape...the Sofa Forlife can adapt in size to your current needs by adding and removing modules. 

Change the style

Trends change, and so will your vision of the perfect sofa. Thankfully you can update the style of your sofa to suit your needs.

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We belief that sustainability is not a compromise

but an advantage

We are working with all of these great companies to achieve a circular economy

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