What are we made of?

All of our materials are sustainable, and the sofa's design ensures that waste is kept as close to zero as possible.

The sofa's frame is CNC cut from sustainable birch plywood. The cushions are made from sustainable coconut fibres topped with a layer of comforel, wrapped in a sustainable patina fabric outer layer. Find out more about each of our materials below. 

And what makes us so sustainable?

Coconut Fibres & comforel
Birch Plywood
Sustainable Fabrics

Our journey...together

How to get your Sofa Forlife in 5 easy steps today.

Step 1

Step 2

Customise your sofa online and order

Step 3

Have your customised sofa delivered to your door by our dedicated delivery team

Step 4

Step 5

Assemble yourself in under 10 mins using nothing but a screwdriver

The most important step - enjoy!

Not yet convinced? 

That's fine - new is scary! Luckily we have a solution.

You have a grey sofa, but after 2 years fancy a change of colour - and red is in at the moment

Visit website and order new cushion covers

Option to return your old component to us for a discount off the new covers

If covers are of a satisfactory standard they are resold at a lower price second hand to another customer - continuing the circle

If not, our design allows everything to be broken down into recyclable materials. We deal with the recycling, using approved 3rd parties to ensure that there is no waste

Start here

New cushion covers arrive - you now have a fresh, new looking sofa for a fraction of the cost

You are not limited to just new cushion covers. Armrests, feet, cushions and covers can all be updated through the sofa for life website, and returned to us for redistribution/recycling - we will even give you money off the new components if you do so!

Modular - to adapt to your every need

Not everyone wants the same size of sofa. It's very likely that after a certain period of time you will want to alter the size of your sofa as your situation changes.

Instead of buying a sofa, buy 'modules'. You can then modify the size of your sofa(s) at your leisure!

Step 1a

Find your nearest test sofa

Step 1b

Visit the location for a seat - test the sofa out and grab a coffee

Hold on...our relationship isn't over quite yet

One of the main things that sets us apart is the circular service that we offer.

For example

Buy 4 modules...

...and the possibilities are endless! 

Separate chairs in separate rooms - when you all need a bit of space

Double trouble

Movie night - lets assemble the 2 seater and get cosy

People coming over tonight - that's a job for the 3 seater

The dog wants a seat too - break out the corner sofa

Made possible due to our innovative modular design

You need nothing but screwdriver to unlock all of the opportunities described above and more!

Want something to take away?

Have a look at our information booklet. Everything you need to know about sofa for life is in here. Feel free to download and share with friends!

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