The world’s resources are finite, and the current linear economy cannot sustain the consumption any longer. The constant production of new goods uses scarce resources and produces harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Now is the time to act! Up to 80% of a products environmental impact is determined during the design phase. It imperative that we start implementing circular design methods into all of our products to create a more sustainable future.

The problem

There is no waste in nature, it is a human-made concept.

We dream of a world where waste is a concept of the past.

Our vision


We envision a future where waste is a thing of the past - our product exists within a circular service = no waste.


We're all about reducing Carbon emissions. Our process produces around 90% less Carbon emissions than traditional manufacturing methods.


The Sofa Forlife is just the beginning for us...the circular economy revolution has just begun.

By listening to users, we have identified the primary reasons for sofas being disposed:
  • Wear and tear
  • Moving home - difficult to transport or doesn't suit new living situation
  • Lack of customisation - users wanted change in colour/material/style/size


September 2017

Project begins at the Glasgow School of Art.

First prototype made from balsa wood and cushions.

January 2018

June 2018

Sofa Forlife showcased at the Glasgow School of Art degree show in Glasgow.

Designed Forlife Ltd incorporated. 

November 2018

Scottish Young Edge winners.

February 2019

New improved sofa design, using exciting new materials.

October 2018

Nicola Sturgeon has a seat on the Sofa Forlife.

December 2018

Collaboration with Autodesk.

May 2019

September 2019

We are exhibiting at the London Design Festival. Come and see us!

Kickstarter campaign coming soon...find out how you can get involved.

October 2019

March 2020

Another London exhibition! Find us at Futurebuild expo.

Meet the team

Project Management
Design Engineer
CEO & Founder
Promotion & Marketing Intern
Social Media & Marketing



Catalyst Award 2019


Made in Scotland Award

Young Innovator of the Year 2018


Scottish Resources Conference

Best Innovation Award 2018

3rd Prize

Innovator Launchpad 2019


'I'm an Innovator'

SIE 2018


Converge Kickstart Challenge 2019


Scottish Resources Conference

Young People Award 2018


Young Edge, Round 13

Scotland 2018

National Finalist

Climate Launchpad

Scotland 2018


Scottish Innovative Student Award



Converge Challenge

Entrepreneurial Spirit 2018 

More pending... we are working extremely hard to spread the Sofa Forlife message far and wide!

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Copyright and patent pending.

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